Ship Arrest Booms

Engineering Waterway Barriers for Asset Protection.

Ship Arrest Booms

Engineered to safely halt vessels, our ship arrest booms prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive waterways.

Protecting Bridges

Safeguard critical infrastructure from potential waterborne impacts, ensuring longevity and safety.

Asset Protection

Engineered barriers to protect valuable assets along waterways from environmental and man-made threats.

Ice Control

Addressing Unique Challenges

Sometimes unique challenges that need to be addressed with custom solutions.

One example is the A30 Ship Arrest system in Montreal. This was designed to protect the A30 bridge from large ships should they stray from the designated shipping channel. While the probability was low, the impact of a huge vessel hitting a bridge pier would be catastrophic.

Our Ship arrest system will stop a 35,000-tonne ship traveling at up to 3.5 knots from hitting the bridge. Our solution to this challenge was the only one that was accepted by Hydro Quebec and the St Lawrence Seaway.


A few of the ship arrest projects we've worked on.

Ship Arrest Boom

Ship Arrest Boom

We designed a ship arrest system that was built upstream of the recently constructed A30 bridge at Beauharnois, Quebec.

Oil City

Oil City

New pontoon and buoy designed to replace a boom designed and built by the US Corp of Engineers in 1984.

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