Our Company

Regardless of your application, Geniglace offers a complete end-to-end turnkey service. We understand your operational needs and environmental challenges. We have deep understanding of the engineering and practicalities of implementing your project.
We are committed to:
  • The safety of all people involved in the project.
  • The quality of design and manufacture of our work.
  • Minimizing the impact of our work on our clients

Our Company

Geniglace engineers have been designing and installing booms and solving waterway and ice-related problems for more than forty years. We have delivered over one hundred turnkey installations to date. Our deep expertise and experience of the operational requirements as well as our understanding and first-hand knowledge of the real-world environment in which these booms have to work ensures that we deliver booms that meet your needs and will work reliably in the toughest condition.

Our uniqueness stems from our ability to solve a wide variety of design and engineering problems related to waterways in cold regions. With assistance from our diverse network of subcontractors and suppliers, we deliver on time and on budget – every time. We have unrivaled capability in turnkey waterway barrier projects engineered to withstand the toughest conditions. We provide peace of mind for you during implementation, and peace of mind in the years after.

Three things truly differentiate Geniglace from other companies that may appear to do similar work:

  1. We provide turnkey solutions - an end-to-end service from initial survey to handover. This involves:
    • Understanding your operational needs and the realities of your operational environmental conditions.
    • Design and engineering to ensure you end up with the implementation that you need.
    • Deep involvement with the manufacture and installation to ensure that each project is implemented to the highest standards of quality, risk management and safety.
  2. We specialize and focus on designing and building barriers for waterways. We have broad and deep expertise in this niche field – we know the art of the possible and all the pitfalls.
  3. Our solutions can withstand the toughest conditions. We have real understanding of the nature of water and ice, and the forces and stresses that they put on your booms. We know because we spend time in the field on the water and the ice. We blend academic understanding with real world knowledge to produce booms that do what they are supposed to, they perform, and they last.

Our Team

Razek Abdelnour MSc ing


Razek brings his extensive wisdom regarding all things ice, waterways, flow and engineering to ensure that Geniglace solutions are optimal for their operational and environmental needs. This deep tacit knowledge is part of what differentiates Geniglace. Razek founded Geniglace in 2012 after an already prestigious career in the field of offshore structures and ship navigation in Arctic conditions. Currently, Razek is focused on R&D to ensure Geniglace can continue to bring innovation to this niche field as well as mentoring the other engineers in the company.

Elie Abdelnour PEng ing

Principal Engineer / Project Manager

Elie leads our design and engineering work using a combination of expertise in mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics with a solid knowledge of the reality in the field built up over 20 years of experience with booms and buoys. Design work includes the use of environmental data, measurement of currents and bathymetry, GIS mapping surveys, the preparation of shop and final drawings, preparing cost estimates, and project scheduling. Elie also sets our engineering and quality standards which enable us to offer complete turnkey projects. Elie and Razek have co-authored many papers published in industry journals.

Matt Kilmer EIT

Design Specialist / Project Manager

Matt oversees the manufacturing and installation activities – by being heavily involved throughout, he ensures that projects are right first time, with quality built in and risk and safety managed. Being on site during installation means that inevitable engineering questions can be resolved and approved in real time adding to overall project efficiency and minimal disruption to the client. Matt has a background in civil engineering and construction management.

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