Ice Monitoring

Ensuring Safety and Precision in Ice Measurement

Enhanced Safety in Extreme Conditions.

Ice monitoring ensures accurate ice thickness assessments, critical for determining safe operational conditions in icy environments, protecting equipment and personnel from unexpected hazards.

Operational Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Regular ice thickness measurements allow for informed decision-making, optimizing the scheduling and routing of operations to reduce downtime and avoid costly delays due to unforeseen ice accumulation.

Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Protection

Ice monitoring helps meet regulatory standards by providing precise data to support environmentally responsible actions, preventing potential ecological impacts due to operations in sensitive icy terrains.

Ice Control

Designed Right For The Conditions.

Measure and analyze ice thickness and conditions in various environments.

Geniglace performs ice monitoring in a variety of environments including frozen lakes, rivers, any water areas prone to freezing. We use advanced technologies to provide accurate and reliable data on ice characteristics. By monitoring ice thickness, stability, and overall integrity, the service supports safe navigation, operational planning, and risk management for industries such as shipping, oil and gas exploration, and outdoor recreational activities.


A few of our Debris Management Projects.

La Romaine

La Romaine

Permanent Debris Booms designed, constructed and deployed for Hydro Quebec’s La Romaine-2 Project.

Ice Resistant Debris Booms

Ice Resistant Debris Booms

Ice-resistant debris and safety booms designed and installed as part of the Eastmain project in Quebec.

James Bay

James Bay

Designed and constructed on the Rupert River upstream of a spillway and a 2.9 km long Transfer Tunnel on the Lemare River.

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