Conservation Authorities

Manage and protect natural water resources effectively.

Flood Control

Designing and installing barriers to manage ice flow and prevent ice jams, which can cause flooding and damage to ecosystems and nearby communities.

Erosion Prevention

Implementing waterway barriers to stabilize shorelines and riverbanks, reducing erosion caused by ice and water currents.

Habitat Protection

Constructing barriers that are designed to protect specific habitats from ice damage while ensuring minimal disruption to aquatic life.

Water Quality

Using barriers to control the movement and accumulation of ice that can carry pollutants, thereby helping maintain water quality.

Navigational Safety

Installing booms and barriers to guide ice flow away from navigational channels, ensuring safety for commercial and recreational vessels.

Research and Monitoring

Supporting the installation of monitoring equipment on or near ice barriers to study environmental impacts and ice behaviors, aiding in the development of sustainable practices


A few of the solutions we've delivered to the hydro/power generation industry.

Ottawa River Diversion Boom

Ottawa River Diversion Boom

Design of a diversion boom on the Ottawa River to protect the Lemieux Island water intake from frazil ice.

Safety Booms in Calabogie

Safety Booms in Calabogie

Design, fabrication and installation of three safety booms at Calabogie Lake capable of resisting ice.

Public Works Project

Public Works Project

Design and supply of all components for booms and buoys placed in several locations in Northern Ontario.

Bark Lake All Season Safety Boom

In summer of 2006, an All-Season Safety Boom was designed, and constructed upstream of Ontario Power Generation's Bark Lake control dam located on the Madawaska River near Barry's Bay, Ontario.

Tailrace Safety Boom at Chats Falls GS

Past attempts have been made at installing a safety boom across the tailrace channel at Chats Falls GS without much success.

Debris Booms In Arrow Lake

The project consists of the design and supply of all components for a debris boom. The boom is to be installed upstream the canal of Arrow Lake Power Plant.

Debris Booms in James Bay

Two Debris Booms were designed, and constructed in James Bay on the Rupert River upstream of a spillway and a 2.9 km long Transfer Tunnel on the Lemare River.

Diversion Boom in the Ottawa River

Design of a diversion boom on the Ottawa River to protect the Lemieux Island water intake from Frazil.

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