Debris Management

Retain or divert floating debris.

Steel Booms Are Stronger.

Plastic booms will not retain debris in situations where there are large amounts of coarse debris in tandem with high currents.

Resist Debris AND Ice

In rivers where there is ice present, permanent steel booms will resist the ice while still retaining the debris.

Little To No Maintenance

Steel booms typically require very little to no maintenance for 25 years, depending on the environment it’s in.

Ice Control

Designed Right For The Conditions.

Every Geniglace Boom is designed and engineered for its specific purpose and surrounding environmental conditions.

Historic data is used to predict worst case scenarios of ice and debris loading, current, and wind. Every component of the boom is individually engineered to resist these forces.


A few of our Debris Management Projects.

La Romaine

La Romaine

Permanent Debris Booms designed, constructed and deployed for Hydro Quebec’s La Romaine-2 Project.

Ice Resistant Debris Booms

Ice Resistant Debris Booms

Ice-resistant debris and safety booms designed and installed as part of the Eastmain project in Quebec.

James Bay

James Bay

Designed and constructed on the Rupert River upstream of a spillway and a 2.9 km long Transfer Tunnel on the Lemare River.

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