One-piece, rigid and seamless water buoys.

  • Reliable

  • Trustworthy

  • Environment Specific

Safety Buoys

Keep water surface and shorelines safe for the public with our Hydrotika line of safety buoys.

Trustworthy and reliable solutions for property owners, managers and anyone responsible for security around bodies of water that pose a risk to public safety. Our safety buoys are developed to meet a range of environmental considerations, including:

  • Water flow
  • Types of currents
  • Wind speed
  • Fluctuating water levels
  • And more
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Signalling Buoys

Facilitating navigation according to regulations, these small and medium buoys are used as beacons for all kinds of vessels, encouraging the safe and orderly use of water surface.

Our HYDROTIKA line of products can customize signalling buoys for the following situations:

  • Port and starboard buoys
  • Cautionary, anchorage and mooring buoys
  • Information, hazard, control and keep out buoys
  • Diving and swimming

Marking Buoys

Prevent accidents in the presence of hazards and obstacles.

These buoys are used as warning systems for everyone who goes on the water. HYDROTIKA custom-tailors buoys for:

  • Regulations
  • Isolated DANGER buoys
  • Mooring areas
  • Canals in lakes and rivers
  • Rocky or sandy shoals
  • Marinas and coastal ports

Bark Lake All Season Safety Boom

In summer of 2006, an All-Season Safety Boom was designed, and constructed upstream of Ontario Power Generation's Bark Lake control dam located on the Madawaska River near Barry's Bay, Ontario.

Tailrace Safety Boom at Chats Falls GS

Past attempts have been made at installing a safety boom across the tailrace channel at Chats Falls GS without much success.

Debris Boom at Chute Bell GS

In 2004, a Debris Boom was installed at Hydro Quebec's Chute Bell GS, a small hydro generating station near Montebello, Qu├ębec.

Debris & Safety Boom Bryson QC

This project consisted of the design, fabrication and installation of a boom to control and divert debris to a desired location.

Debris Booms In Arrow Lake

The project consists of the design and supply of all components for a debris boom. The boom is to be installed upstream the canal of Arrow Lake Power Plant.

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