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Published papers, which were presented at major conferences related to dams and ice engineering, including CDA, IAHR, POAC and CRIPE, can be provided upon request


Several booms were designed, built and deployed in James Bay for the Eastmain EM-1A Hydro Project. The booms were installed on the Rupert River, the Lemare River and upstream of a 2.9 km long Transfer Tunnel between the summer of 2007 and the spring of 2010.

In the Fall of 2011, a new ice boom was designed, built, and deployed upstream of the Jenpeg Hydroelectric Generating Station (GS) located in Jenpeg, Manitoba, 525km north of Winnipeg


Attention to detail and experience enable Geniglace engineers to perfect your designs, resulting in customized, purpose-engineered booms that can resist the harshest environmental conditions.

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General Information

Our engineers have 40+ years of experience in consulting and solving ice-related problems, and 20+ years of experience designing and installing booms with 100+ turn-key installations and counting.

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Ice Engineering

Our ice-engineering experience is what makes our company truly unique. The breadth of our experience and practice enables us to solve any design problems that are related to cold-region engineering.

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