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Since 1994, Geniglace engineers have designed, and constructed over 100 booms. Attention to detail and experience enable us to perfect our designs, resulting in booms that can resist the harshest environmental conditions.


Custom Design

Every Geniglace Boom is designed and engineered for its specific purpose and surrounding environmental conditions. Historic data is used to predict worst case scenarios of ice and debris loading, current, and wind. Every component of the boom is individually engineered to resist these forces.

Variety of Applications

Geniglace booms can be customized for a variety of applications including but not limited to ice control, debris control public safety, flood prevention, and for restraining small or large ships.

Booms can be customized for many purposes:

Safety booms

Safety Booms provide a highly visible boundary that clearly warns boaters and recreational users to keep away from dangerous waters. Safety booms can be deployed all year round or seasonally.

Ice booms

Frazil ice buildup can cause costly interruptions and revenue losses at hydroelectric generating stations. Ice booms help to form a stable ice cover upstream of hydroelectric dams, reducing frazil ice pileup at the intakes. Minimizing potential blockages saves the dam owners time and money.

Debris booms

Debris booms form a barrier in order to retain or divert accumulated debris. Floating debris may also cause costly power generation losses due to blockage of hydroelectric dam intakes.

Ship Arrest booms

Designed to protect bridge piers, Ship Arrest booms can stop many different types of vessels travelling at moderate speeds by absorbing their kinetic energy on impact.

Security Booms

Security booms create a highly visible, unbreachable barrier to protect restricted areas such as ports, and nuclear plant water intakes. They can be designed for year-round deployment even when interaction with ice and tidal fluctuations are present.

Security Boom Projects

Flood Prevention

One or several ice booms can be strategically placed in waterways to prevent floods that may occur during the spring.

Multi-Purpose booms

It's possible for one single boom to be designed for multiple purposes. For example, an ice boom can also function as a debris boom and public safety boom at the same time, thus meeting several needs with one boom.

Full Service Project Management

Geniglace engineers typically manage all aspects of a boom project in order to make sure that it's completed in a timely manner, without compromising quality. First an assessment is made in order to understand the requirements. Concepts are then generated until a design is agreed upon. The materials for the boom are purchased, and any necessary manufacturing is initiated. Geniglace engineers oversee the quality control of the manufacturing of pontoons, and of the other components to be purchased. The necessary contractors are hired to complete the installation of the boom. During the construction, an engineer is present in order to deal with any potential surprises that may occur. Once the boom is installed, Geniglace can help with any ongoing inspections, maintenance, or potential modifications for the entire life of the boom.

Geniglace Booms typically require no maintenance for at least 5 years, and in most cases, for as long as 20 years.


Attention to detail and experience enable Geniglace engineers to perfect your designs, resulting in customized, purpose-engineered booms that can resist the harshest environmental conditions.

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General Information

Our engineers have 40+ years of experience in consulting and solving ice-related problems, and 20+ years of experience designing and installing booms with 100+ turn-key installations and counting.

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Ice Engineering

Our ice-engineering experience is what makes our company truly unique. The breadth of our experience and practice enables us to solve any design problems that are related to cold-region engineering.

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